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Saving Energy with Solar Power Systems and Insulation- Karrie Newton

My “specialty areas” for the project at the moment are Solar Systems and Green Insulation for the trailer–all about conserving energy. Here’s some of the information I’ve gathered in my research for solar power systems: -Solar power systems have no moving parts, create no noise or smell, and require little maitenantce. (Yay!) -Solar panels are made […]

The Green Scene Design Team’s Flooring Plans

After touring the TreeHouse, I learned of several green options for flooring. Reclaimed wood is made of 100% recycled materials, making it very eco-friendly but also very expensive ($9.39 sq/ft). Linoleum is durable, biodegradable, and fixed on a plant backing, and is relatively cheap at $3.50 sq/ft. Bamboo is fire repellent and made from plants […]

VENTURA & Project-Based Learning

Project VENTURA is a 10th grade engineering project at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. The project is centered on the restoration and conversion of a 1977, 32-foot Airstream trailer into an “eco-trailer”. Teams of 3-4 students were given a budget of $6000 with which they must come up with a design that includes […]

EcoDrive- Rachel Zinsmeyer

During this project, I have been busy researching the iconic 70’s style to keep the vintage look in the trailer.  Thick, plush carpets seem to be high fashion for this time period, but they are hard to clean and probably not suitable for a trailer home, anyways.  Linoleum, which would be a great option as […]

Interior Greenery: Rose Smiley

Before getting into the extreme decoration details, I needed to think about the big stuff inside like flooring and bedding, etc.  For flooring we have three top choices: cork, marmoleum, and bamboo.  Our top two choices are marmoleum and bamboo.  Marmoleum is made from sand dust and plant fibers and other green materials.  Marmoleum also comes in […]

Carina Carrasco

Carina Carrasco November During this month of November project Ventura was hard to grasp but as I researched and asked questions I wall able to get a hold of it much better. My job is being in charge of Google Sketch Up, at first it seem like it was going to be a long and difficult […]

Work days Reflection; November; Savannah Pena

In this month of November, I’ve been getting familiarizing myself with this project. Working on better understanding how to actually rebuild a trailer Eco-friendly. I’ve researched tons of types of green flooring and what different styles to use for our situation-small trailer. I’ve also researched how we are going to pump water for daily needs for a […]