Project Ventura has begun!  The teams have been formed, group norms have been established, and the trailer named VENTURA  has made her way to our campus (trailers usually have female names).


On the first day of the project, teams got together and came up with a name for their company, discussed the different tasks that need to be completed for the project, and who will be in charge of what.  Each group was given an engineering notebook to document every detail of their design and research process.

Each member of each team will have to post 3 blog entries about their work on the project, so check back frequently to see the team’s progress!

On day 1, each team was given the following design brief.  A design brief is a document traditionally given to engineering firms who would like to make a bid for a job.


Vintage Eco-Friendly Neo Travel Trailer Utilizing Renewable Energy for Adventure

Client:  Ana Josephson, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Engineering Department


Problem Statement:  The client purchased a 12-foot, 1977 vintage Play-mor  travel trailer with hopes to restore it.  The client quickly realized that the project was beyond her ability, so the defunct trailer sits on her friend’s ranch.  The client would like to hire a design team to come up with a plan to restore the trailer using green materials and incorporating renewable energy sources such as solar panels.  The design budget would include hiring contractors to complete the design.  The client wants to use the trailer as an educational tool at her school to teach about sustainable design, green materials, as well as allow different student groups, staff members, and school community to use the trailer to go camping on the weekends.

Design Statement:  Design and model the restoration and conversion of a vintage travel trailer to a sustainable, eco-friendly travel trailer that utilizes renewable energy and green building materials.

Constraints:Time frame for completion of design:  3 months
Budget:  $3000, which includes all materials needed for the restoration/conversion, and hiring of contractors to do the work.
Safety:  Design must be in compliance with fire and electrical safety codes for Recreation Vehicles
Materials :
75% of materials used must be sustainable and ‘green’.
RV must include solar panels as a source of electricity for the trailer
RV must include a reserve water tank and pump system
RV  must have the name and acronym VENTURA visible on the exterior of the trailer
Trailer must be able to comfortably sleep 4 people
Trailer must maintain a vintage look representative of 1977, the year it was made

  • Presentation board detailing the design to be used during presentation to client
  • Cost break down
  • Physical model of the restoration design

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