Carina Carrasco

Carina Carrasco November

During this month of November project Ventura was hard to grasp but as I researched and asked questions I wall able to get a hold of it much better. My job is being in charge of Google Sketch Up, at first it seem like it was going to be a long and difficult process but as I researched I saw that it was not that difficult to comprehend. The things we have done so far reply let me be open minded and creative but at the sometime aware of the possibilities. For Ventura I had to/will have to really problem solve and look out for any opportunity or idea I come across. During this process I am seeing things that can apply to my possible career choice; you have to really use your brain to come up with great and creative solutions. On the trip we took I saw many materials that we can very well use but the task of making the trailer eco-friendly is more expensive, this is where we use a spread sheet and take notes and research further. In this project it really is about team work and putting our ideas together and to great use. There so many concerns that are going through my head right now but the main one is the span of of time we have to accomplish so much, but that is why my team comes together and collaborate. Looking at the prices of flooring and insulation I was able to get a good idea of what my team can use and be creative at the same time. Google Sketch Up is something I need to work on more because I need a better grasp of the measuring tool.

Google Sketch Up takes a longer time to comprehend than Auto Desk Inventor, but very worth the work because you are able to incorporated a lot more, and expand form the restrictions. Google Sketch Up is an important part of this project. I had to make sure I get all of the measurements exterior and interior. Also looking at the flooring I would say linoleum and bamboo are my group’s top choices. The linoleum has a great style that will fit the trailer, the price is very reasonable, more research is need to be done on prices, but other then that flooring is something that should not be put aside. I am working on the exterior first then
the interior to take it step by step.




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