EcoDrive -Jessica Hess

In the few weeks that we’ve been working on Ventura, I’ve realized just how much time, effort, and planing go into remodeling. Our group has put a lot of effort into finding out what needs to be done. SolarTrailerWe’ve looked into different materials that we could potentially use in order to complete the project. My biggest concern right now is weather or not we will be able to afford to have solar panels.  When solar panels are included in the budget we are left with very little money to completekitchen the remainder of the trailer. The budget is very tight and with the requirements that we have been given I am very worried about staying within our price range.  Right now the things my group needs to work on most are choosing products, finding who we will hire, and putting our information into exel. We also need to work on getting a model completed in Googleexel SketchUp. I am really enjoying the freedom we have to try to make the best possible product. However I am finding it difficult to make decisions on what the best is. I am really looking forward to bringing all of the components of the project together and turning it into something worthy of use in the real world. I am eager for the chance to show people that our work is successful and able to function. I am a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of work that we need to complete in just a few short weeks. I feel that it is important for my team to come up with a plan to keep us on track until the end of this project.  I really hope to be able to learn things that I am able to apply not only in a career but also in my own personal life.


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