EcoDrive- Rachel Zinsmeyer

During this project, I have been busy researching the iconic 70’s style to keep the vintage look in the trailer.  Thick, plush carpets seem to be high fashion for this time period, but they are hard to clean and probably not suitable for a trailer home, anyways.  Linoleum, which would be a great option as it is easy to clean and inexpensive, could potentially be bought from Treehouse, the local hardware store.  I’ve been uploading lots of pictures of both the trailer and the styles we might be incorporating onto our Pinterest board.  I have also created the skeleton of an Excel spreadsheet, which will document our materials, their prices, and the suppliers of the material.

In addition to the research on styles, I spent additional time searching for information on different types of flooring.  Linoleum seemed like a suitable, easy, and functional option.  Bamboo was also considered for flooring, however, it was very expensive and was not highly used in the 70’s, which would not satisfy the vintage requirement.  Also, bamboo is rather heavy and would weigh down the trailer, which would increase the amount of gas the car would use while pulling it to various locations.  Cork was another option we considered, but again, it is expensive, but eco-friendly and light weight.

I believe this project, while stressful, will be very beneficial in the end, as it will greatly improve our decision making skills and help teach us how to comb through many varied and different possibilities to find the best material.  In the next few weeks, I am slightly concerned about Google SketchUp, as it is an entirely new program no one in our group is familiar with.  I trust Anjali, who is the person who is working the most on it, to do a wonderful job, and I know she won’t hesitate to ask for help.  We have made arrangements to meet every Thursday after school to have additional time together to research and plan.


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