Interior Greenery: Rose Smiley

Before getting into the extreme decoration details, I needed to think about the big stuff inside like flooring and bedding, etc.  For flooring we have three top choices: cork, marmoleum, and bamboo.  Our top two choices are marmoleum and bamboo.  Marmoleum is made from sand dust and plant fibers and other green materials.  Marmoleum also comes in tons of colors and is very doable cost wise.  Bamboo flooring comes from bamboo which is a grass/weed so when you cut it just grows right back unlike a tree.  It is green because bamboo can grow back quickly and using it for flooring doesn’t hurt its population.  While thinking about floor, its important to also think about keeping the trailer’s vintage vibe.  It could be easy to create a vintage look with the marmoleum, perhaps a checkered floor.  Marmoleum comes for $40 per square yard, which might sound expensive but it contains about 9 square feet, and if you were to see how much it would be per square foot it would be quite cheap.  Bamboo was not popular in the 70s, however wood was.  A bamboo floor looks very similar to wood flooring some people can’t even tell the difference.  If we were to use bamboo it would be as a wood substitute to create the illusion of wood flooring.  There is also a possibility of using both, to create an even more vintage feel. Possibly have the marmoleum in the “kitchen” and then bamboo is the rest of the trailer.  We also learned about the different ways to put flooring down.  There are three ways: floating, glue, and stapling.  For our trailer glue would probably be the best option.  As for bedding it is necessary for the beds to be something else during the day or for them to be put away so less space is used up.  One option is a Murphy bed with folds up to the wall during the day possibly being used as a shelf and then you pull it out during the night to sleep on.  I have yet to go deep into the specifics about all the interior decoration because I want to focus on the big things and get those decided before moving onto the smaller things.  Some Eco friendly ideas that I have come across so far are using old potato sacks for pillows, using old locker portable shelves and magnetic holders for easy movable storage.  Another idea to keep the trailer vintage is to use some funky wallpaper.Potato sack pillowMurphy bunk bed


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  1. It looks like you’ve come up with a lot of good ideas. I really like how the smallest aspects of your possible trailer is “green”. Thanks for sharing your brainstorming!

    -Sofia Hruby

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