Work days Reflection; November; Savannah Pena

In this month of November, I’ve been getting familiarizing myself with this project. Working on better understanding how to actually rebuild a trailer Eco-friendly. I’ve researched tons of types of green flooring and what different styles to use for our situation-small trailer. I’ve also researched how we are going to pump water for daily needs for a person to live to two to three days. This involved plumbing styles and water works. We are trying to push forward in our understanding on how we are going to use our money red shag carpetwisely. We have the basic understanding of a vintage style interior we just have to fine the Eco materials that fit best with this setting. Wfloral panelse’ve also researched what was popular in the seventies and what wasn’t. A lot of floral patterns, shaggy carpets, bright colors, and anything with neon colors, fluffy pillows, beaded curtains, curtains that match walls tablecloths that match wall, odd shapes, checkered.  We couldn’t find anything in the green materials we found that fit the vintage theme. We were having trouble. What floor tilehelped our group the most was the field trip we took on the 20th of November.


It was a very informative field tripsolar panels. taught us more than when we were researching separately. Seeing the green materials physically helped us understand it better in terms of what we need to do in order to get this project done. We decided as a group what we should use and what would be best for all of us to agree on. The materials aren’t as expensive as on the websites we found. That was a huge relief  when we looked at the solar panels and it was so shocking how much solar panels cut out of our budget. We are trying to see if we can get some companies to donate some materials we will need in the future so we have enough money left for the solar panels. We are working hard as a team to get things organized and ready to put in a neat,complete, layout idea. We look forward to tackling this project and trying our best in the months to come.


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