VENTURA & Project-Based Learning

Project VENTURA is a 10th grade engineering project at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. The project is centered on the restoration and conversion of a 1977, 32-foot Airstream trailer into an “eco-trailer”. Teams of 3-4 students were given a budget of $6000 with which they must come up with a design that includes re-framing, re-insulating, re-flooring, re-wiring, adding a fresh water holding tank and pump, installing solar panels, and using a minimum of 75% green materials. Teams will model their designs using Google SketchUp. In May, each team will present a portion of the design process to a professional panel of engineers.

The project is an open-ended, independent project based on Project Based Learning (PBL). In project-based learning, students spend weeks or months to response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. The idea behind PBL is that students will learn content through rigorous projects and practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking). PBL has been proven to facilitate deeper, more authentic learning.


Throughout the 3-month duration of the project, students will learn the following content through research and real-world application:

  • electricity, circuits and wiring
  • insulation and thermodynamics
  • green building materials
  • statics, truss systems, and stress testing
  • water-pump systems
  • budgeting with Microsoft Excel
  • 3-D modeling with GoogleSketchup






  1. Elyssa J. Castillo · · Reply

    Wow that sounds amazing and something a lot of other schools wouldn’t do but I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product and I know you guys are going to do a good job. And good luck.

  2. Alexis Miller · · Reply

    I think it is really cool that you are learning so much during this awesome project. Have a great time

  3. Mikeyia Murray · · Reply

    I Also Agree With The Others This Is Wonderful, I Love The Creativity

  4. Faron Shapter · · Reply

    I’m so happy that we get this oppurtunity! I think that what you guys are doing is great. Thank you for letting us be apart of it (:

  5. Elissa Torrez · · Reply

    I agree, this is such a great opportunity to be able to design the garden outside the trailer and be apart of this project.

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