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Happy holidays, trailer style

Cute trailer-themed card from Annalise Irby Advertisements

Generators LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company (Yuvia Ruiz)

To begin with to start of our project we are all focusing in one part of the project, which in my case I been focusing mostly in generators and its function. What is a generator you might ask? A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.  Magnetism is the basis of […]

Vintage Flooring- Amelia Fisher

Over this past month, I have been looking into and researching the vintage style of VENTURA that our client has requested our design team keeps alive throughout our renovations. Through my research I have noticed that the flooring is very important to the vintage element of any space. Wood and linoleum flooring were commonly spread […]

LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company_ Paint Options

          My name is Maria Flores and I’m part of the LMJY Eco-friendly Design Company and I researched the different types of paints that can be used on the trailer and that are eco-friendly for the environment.           One of the paints that I researched was the Mythic paint. The Mythic paint is non-toxic, ultra […]

Lights Galore By:Idalis Maldonado

Hello, hello, hello! I’m Idalis and lately I’ve been researching different lighting systems for our trailer that we are renovating. There are 3 main types of lighting systems that I was focusing on Incandescent, LED, and CFL lighting. Out of these 3 I wanted to see which lighting system was going to benefit our trailer […]

Trailer Babes [Possible Flooring] Samantha Bernal

As I was looking at types of flooring I found there to be different types of flooring; hardwood, cork, bamboo, rubber, tile, and carpet. With hardwood flooring, it’s easier to clean up messes and especially because the trailer has a miniature kitchen installed. Also it’s very trendy and it won’t go out of style and […]

LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company-Exploring Lighting. Lorena Banda

Hello, my name is Lorena and I have been researching the different types of lighting available for our vintage trailer that we are renovating. First I will talk about Incandescent light bulbs, which produce light using a filament wire which is heated to a high temperature by an electric current passing through it, until the […]