Green Glamping Girls (Sofia Hruby): Tiny Trailer Wall Insulation

If you’ve ever looked at a heating or AC bill, the most noticeable thing on the document is the $ followed by several numbers.  It’s no secret that keeping buildings such as homes, offices, and schools is extremely pricey but we have insulation to thank for reducing heat transfer and the cost of heating/cooling systems.  For VENTURA, the Green Glamping Girls have come up with several exciting wall materials and designs, but efficiency of the trailer comes before interior decor.

Insulation plays a large part in thermodynamics, or the movement of thermal energy.  Things to consider:

  • Nothings happens without heat flow
  • An object undergoing heat flow is called a system and has boundaries and Imagesurroundings.
    • EX: the object is a house with an inside (system) padded with insulation (boundaries) to keep heat transfer from the outside (surroundings).

While heating and cooling systems help maintain normal temperatures inside of a building, insulation is energy-efficient and cost reducing because it traps in the internal temperature inside a building despite external conditions.  Once installed, insulation does not become a continuous investment and is maintenance free.  Factors that have an effect on insulation efficiency include thermal conduction (transfer of thermal energy within/between objects), insulation thickness, and R-value (thermal resistance of a material or measure of a material’s ability to resist heat).  When considering insulation materials, keep in mind that the higher the R-value, the higher the heat resistance.  In the South Texas area, which includes Austin, the wall insulation R-value recommended by the DOE (Department of Energy) is between R-13 to R-18.


R-values across the United States

 Possibilities for VENTURA:

  • Home Depot Insulation Installation- I recently spoke with a Home Depot rep in from the Sunset Valley, Austin location and they said that they offer complimentary consultations.  An insulation expert would come out to the VENTURA site and measure the square footage of the wall and based on that they would give my team a quote.  With the insulation expert, we would discuss budget as well as recommended insulation materials for the trailer.  On Home Depot’s website, customers who have had Home Depot install attic insulation rated their services very well.
  • Ultra Touch Denim Insulation- This product is considered “green” because it’sImage made of 90% recycled denim fibers and contains no VOCs or toxic chemicals making it safe to touch unlike most insulation materials.  Ultra Touch can be installed yourself.  Despite all of the good things about this material, it is available at Home Depot and the reviews weren’t so great and it wasn’t recommended to use for walls.

Hopefully we can schedule a consultation with Home Depot before the end of December and have made a final decision on the insulation material as well as the question of who will install the insulation.  I would like to speak with the Home Depot rep about the Ultra Touch material during the consultation.   Learning about insulation for the RV has helped me use my knowledge of Physics/Thermodynamics and apply it to the real world like VENTURA.


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