Green Insulation and Floors – Amanda Campos

Good Afternoon!

Last week I researched the green materials that we would be using on our camper.  After visiting the Treehouse store on our field trip we decided as a group that we’d use linoleum flooring and radiant barrier insulation. This is the information I found after doing further research on the two materials. Linoleum flooring is made from all natural wood flour, linseed oil, pine rosin, jute and earth-ground pigments. Being made from natural resources means that Linoleum is biodegradable. So if we ever need to get rid of it, it’ll be able to decompose. Linoleum is long lasting and waterproof which would make it perfect for the floor in our camper because if we ever spill something it’ll be easy to clean up and it’ll also be able to withstand any dirt or liquids that get on it. It’s also a good flooring because its durable. The older it gets, the harder it gets which means it wouldn’t break on us after using it for a long time. Another benefit of choosing linoleum floors is that its affordable and comes in a variety of colors.

We chose to use radiant barrier insulation because although it isn’t the best, it’s pretty darn close and its the most affordable. Radiant barrier insulation reflects ultraviolet and infrared light which means less heat is able to get into the camper. Less heat means less air conditioning which saves us money and energy. Another reason why this insulation is good is because since the camper is going to be used in Texas where its hot, the radiant barrier will work at its best. This is true because they’re more effective in hotter climates than in cold since the point is to keep heat out. Radiant Barrier insulation is made out of highly reflective material, (which is usually aluminum foil) air infiltration barrier material to keep air from leaking out (also lowers prices spent on energy) and substrate materials like cardboard or Kraft paper.


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