Other varieties of marmoleum.

Other varieties of marmoleum.

Last Tuesday my group and I went to the Treehouse, an eco-friendly building supply store.  We had the opportunity to see many of the options we had been considering for use in our trailer design during the past couple of weeks.  It was particularly beneficial to get a look at the different flooring options because that is an area where we have a variety of realistic options.  Before the trip to the Treehouse my team was looking at cork, marmoleum, recycled wood, and bamboo flooring.  At the Treehouse we were shown marmoleum, bamboo, recycled wood (which it turns out is very expensive), biodegradable carpet, and cork flooring.  Carpet was also voted out very quickly despite the fact that it goes with the 70’s theme, because it isn’t as easy to clean and can get very dirty (especially since the client would be camping out in the wilderness with this trailer).  Prior to the field trip my team was leaning towards marmoleum and cork flooring because both options are very eco-friendly and low-maintenance.  It is clear that marmoleum is probably the best option because it fits well with the theme along with being bio-based, highly durable, non-toxic, and anti-microbacterial.  Marmoleum comes in a variety of colors including bright colors that would fit right in with our client’s trailer, it being from the 70’s and all.  The client has also said that she likes marmoleum and thinks it is a good flooring choice.  Marmoleum also isn’t insanely expensive pricing at $6.99 to $8.49 per square foot at the Treehouse and $3.99 to $4.49 at the Green Building Supply, both of which would work with our budget of $3,000.  This flooring option is a type of linoleum made from sawdust, reed oil, rosin, mineral based pigment, and a plant fiber backing.

Different colors of marmoleum.

Different colors of marmoleum.

Marmoleum flooring in checkered pattern.

Through this process of finding flooring I learned a lot about flooring and what qualities someone would want flooring to have.  Durability, longevity, environmental effects, and safety are all important when it comes to flooring.  This information helped when narrowing the flooring options to marmoleum.  I am hoping that my team and I are able to find the cheapest marmoleum in the colors that would work best with the theme.  Installation of this product seems to be fairly easy, so I expect it to be installed for a low price.  I’m excited about our flooring choice and I hope that I’ll get to see it done in real life.


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