Green Team Design Team!!- Stephanie Perez

Blog Entry #1: Green Team Design Team (Stephanie Perez)

So far from the research in my department I have gained knowledge in the bedding, curtains, as well as collected new inspiration from Pinterest on the overall and small designs being incorporated in the trailer. As well as researched more information on prices for the bedding/sheets and more on the type of counter tops and overall upholstery for the seats and bed.

As far as the Bedding and sheeting goes and the “Green” aspect of them and their price can range from cheep to very high priced, depending on the quality of the “Green and Recycled” sheeting.

Some Sights/ Brand that are more expensive and higher in quality are COYUCHY:


  •    Where a blanket 36’’x 46’’ = $50 and 47’’x 60’’= $122: (these being in the nursery size due to the fact that the bed is smaller) and the Nursery sheets 28”x 52”x 8”= $58 (Sale price = $40)
  • Sheets at the actual Twin size sheets being (From the same Brand) being 39″x75″x15″= $40-$90 just with the basics not to mention the quilt and skirt (ect…)

The cheaper side to that would include brands like West Elm, Wild flower,, that can range from $20-$150 for a whole set of Eco friendly bedding and fabrics.

As far as reupholstering the kitchen bench and drapes the prices average out to about$20 (max.) per yard or fabric that can be used for reupholstering seats and creating drapes.

As on this website (above) -House offer a wide variety of colors, textures and pattern for Eco- Friendly alternatives.(Fabrics for upholstery and Curtains)


But sill even cheaper in our budget would be the option to go to Goodwill and or a Rehab Store with fabric to reuse sheets and bedding for the bead, as well as reupholstering the bench seats and even curtains, that will all be considered reused. (Prices May Vary, as well as quantity)

For the counter tops most of the types of Eco-friendly material include Bamboo, concrete, Laminate, Paper Composite, Stone, Engineered Stone, Ceramic tile, Glass tile, and Wood. All of which were included in the trip to Tree House arranged by our Teacher. Where we gained more insight and real life examples of these types of materials. Where most all of them are quite self explanatory due to its name; the benefits include helping the environment, creating less waste, durable, easy to clean, and easy to install. Where Glass tile is the one we are leaning towards, due to how easy it is to install. Where you don’t even have to take out your existing counter top due to the new ones specific specifications to tour counter top. With this instillation from a Local company in Austin Texas off of Brunette Road called Granite where they have a free in home consolation for any material, and depending on the counter top they can price your counters accordingly (prices not listed due to changing sizes)

Image (Glass Tile Counter tops sample)

Now to true Inspiration on Pinterest where my partners and I have created a Board to share to collaborate ideas and Inspiration for our Trailer. Here’s the link to check it out

Examples from the board:



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