Insulation, Flooring and Solar Panels ! By: Susette Abad Cruz


My contributions to our DAP Ventura Project include our group journal, our Pinterest account and leadership.
 I feel like I have kept our group organized and not totally hectic and chaotic, I gave every single group member a job according to their strengths and weaknesses. Cristina and Sabrina enjoy AutoCAD and websites that require designing and building so they are working on Google Sketch Up, they decided Sabrina is working on the exterior and Cristina on the interior. Cristina also enjoys pictures and will be our group photographer. Dayanne and I are the most organized ones and enjoy hands on jobs so I help guide the group, update our Pinterest and try to keep our journal up to date and organized. Dayanne is our official scribe as well and she will help with drawings and sketches. Dayanne and I will also be in charge of small jobs like measurements and note taking.


I have guided our group to stay on task most of the time and complete all the assignments given and be punctual as well. I have tried to keep our journal up to date and organized with essential trailer information. I numbered the pages and try to update the table of contents and make sure all the notes are organized and accurate. I have also contributed to our project by getting a lot of the trailer measurements of the sides, front and back.

Also when we went on our fieldtrip to The Greenhouse Store, I recorded some of the green materials we would most likely use which leads me to our Pinterest Board. I’ve been updating our Pinterest board with pictures of possible green, convenient materials for our project but I haven’t gone too much into detail with budget in prices although I did write down prices for some of the products.
*All material ideas came from fieldtrip from Greenhouse store.

Green Materials that I pinned on Pinterest:



This is the spray foam insulation which fills up wall gaps and acts as a moisture barrier as well. Hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) makes the foam green and healthy.


This insulation to the left is recycled blue jeans. Denim insulation is natural and made from the mineral boron for insect resistance, and can be installed with one’s bare hands.


 Solar Panels ‘absorbs’ light from the sun and the sunnier it is the better and what the panels do is they convert the photons into electrons of direct current (DC). The electrons cannot be lost and the inverter converts the DC power into AC power and that is the power needed for television, computer and other electrical devices.


Bamboo is a fast renewable resource that has many colors and styles. Bamboo is an ideal ‘green’ choice because it is made for heavy duty use and it is natural. What’s convenient is that Bamboo grows quickly after being chopped down so there is no lack in bamboo and no one is being harmed.       


Cork can make a great, comfortable carpet or a long lasting hardwood that is easy to clean. Cork flooring comes from industrial waste of wine industries and harvesting does not require trees to be chopped down so it is also another great choice. It also comes in different styles and colors.    

By: Susette Abad Cruz

Period 2    


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