Green Glamping Girls (Jordan Reed): Google SketchUp

For this project, our team- Green Glamping Girls- is going to use Google SketchUp for the 3-D modeling portion instead of AutoCAD Inventor. None of us have had much (if any) experience with this program, so I made it my personal mission to figure out how to work it. Admittedly, I am not yet a master but I think I have a good base down by this point. To start off, I began just messing around on SketchUp to get a feel for it. I wasn’t able to do much, as you can see in my first picture (the lego shaped thing).


To get myself better accustomed, I watched some of the instructional videos SketchUp provides: getting started parts 1-4, selections, components, paint bucket, eraser, move, rotate, and text and 3-D text. These were really able to help me, and I would recommend them (as well as the many other videos) to any new (or even veteran) users of SketchUp.  I was able to make the house with the help of “getting started”, and the chair by using everything else.


I learned that while using the eraser, you can smooth and hide edges as well as erase edges. I learned the selection tool will allow you to pick anything completely within its boxed area (made by clicking and dragging) by dragging right or anything touching it by dragging left. I also learned the difference between a component and a group: when a component is copied, changing the geometry of one copy will make the same changes to the others (good for identical pieces/things being used more than once), while every copy of a group is its own separate entity. I like that SketchUp has a lot less restrictions than AutoCAD, but it also doesn’t allow you to get super detailed, so I guess it isn’t for everyone.


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