Lights Galore By:Idalis Maldonado

Hello, hello, hello! I’m Idalis and lately I’ve been researching different lighting systems for our trailer that we are renovating. There are 3 main types of lighting systems that I was focusing on Incandescent, LED, and CFL lighting. Out of these 3 I wanted to see which lighting system was going to benefit our trailer the most.
Let’s start off with CFL lights. CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lighting. This kind of lighting system that uses electric ballast and a gas filled tube to light up. They can produce AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). It has a cost of around $76 (per year for an operating). CFL has some components in it that aren’t very good for you or for the environment, such as mercury. Because they contain mercury, these bulbs are harder to dispose of. CFL emits ultra violet and blue light. This can cause people to get skin cancer and people who have sensitive skin are likely to suffer from skin conditions.
LED lights which I’m sure we all know stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED uses an indicator lamp, this essentially helps lighting. They have an 18-22 lumens per watt (luminous efficiency). LED’s are told to have a 25,000-100,000 hours life span. But due to heat and current settings this life span can be extended or shortened. Some LED lights are temperature based at 25˚C. But if it is too cold outside the lighting may not be so efficient due to the heat inside the actual bulb. On the bright side LED lights don’t emit much heat so they last longer than incandescent lighting. They operate at around $35 per year. Health issues with LED lights are that it may cause temporary blindness, it contains metal & arsenic.
Finally we have Incandescent lighting. Incandescent lighting is powered by a wire that is heated to a high temperature, and then an electrical current passes through until the bulb produces a glow. These lighting systems are less efficient because they convert less than 5% of energy into visible light. Incandescent lighting costs between $300-$350.

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In conclusion I believe that LED lighting will be the best for our trailer because they are more efficient and don’t cost as much as CFL lights & Incandescent lights.


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