LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company_ Paint Options

          My name is Maria Flores and I’m part of the LMJY Eco-friendly Design Company and I researched the different types of paints that can be used on the trailer and that are eco-friendly for the environment.

          One of the paints that I researched was the Mythic paint. The Mythic paint is non-toxic, ultra low odor paint and will give you the same result as the premium paint without the cancer-causing toxins, and the off-gassing VOC’s, which are greenhouse gases that contribute with global warming and are bad for your health. It is also safe for pets, the earth, and people and especially for kids. Mythic paint is also one of the paint cans that don’t have WARNING labels on their cans because it doesn’t contain anything that you need to be afraid of. Mythic paint is known as the stronger, safer and smarter paint.

          The other paint that I researched was the Dunn Edwards paints. The Dunn Edwards paint is made with Zero Voc colorants. These colorants perform the same way as exacting standards as conventional colorants but with no added VOC solvents. It also has a low-odor. It is also created to minimize potential impacts on outdoor air quality. Zero VOC is used to mean a number of different things when describing the VOC content of products.

          After my research I concluded that for our case of renovating the vintage trailer the best option of paint for us to use would be the Mythic paint. Because not only isn’t not toxic but It is ultra-low in odor and the paint also comes without the cancer-causing toxins which is a positive for everyone. Another important thing is that it’s safe for people and specially kids which in our case this is good sense our customer has a child that if it’s present doing this process of painting the trailer he won’t be harmed or in danger.


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