Trailer Babes [Possible Flooring] Samantha Bernal


As I was looking at types of flooring I found there to be different types of flooring; hardwood, cork, bamboo, rubber, tile, and carpet. With hardwood flooring, it’s easier to clean up messes and especially because the trailer has a miniature kitchen installed. Also it’s very trendy and it won’t go out of style and the value of the RV will rise. On the other hand, hardwood floors can be very pricy and easy damaging like if there was a flooding of some sort.

With cork flooring, there’s the advantage of less sound pollution so those whom love to party, this is the best type of flooring. Cork is a really green material so because it’s all natural, it has a limited color selection. Though cork can’t be exposed to too much sunlight, or have any large furniture or any constant sharp pressure of objects on it, like women with high heels.

Bamboo flooring is the green alternative to the hardwood flooring. It has a nice sit and its pure nature. It is certainly a sustainable resource and greener than carpeting. Also its accusable really anywhere, likes a local hardware store. Though sunlight and water can cause a problem to the bamboo so any baths, water or bright areas can’t be near this flooring, also another bad aspect to bamboo is that it’s very costly.

Rubber flooring is a great source of green material. It saves over 200million scraps of tire from burning and causing toxic chemical pollution to the water and air. Rubber is also easy to install because there is no glue required to set it in place. It’s better sound damping than hard wood floors and tiles and the same for carpet. Also, it’s easy to maintain cleaner areas with rubber especially in kitchens. Although rubber flooring is sustainable for years, it has its cons. Rubber gives off an eerie odor but also, it’s very flammable.

With carpet, It’s very affordable and easy to find though it’s not really mean for those whom have children, asthma, and bad immune systems. Carpets attract dirt and bacteria resulting in a higher possibility to get sick. Carpets aren’t really good for the RV we have because it has a kitchen and that would cause too much trouble to have the floor clean. Though carpets could be green material if used with a wool material.

As my group and I discussed the possible future flooring plan, we decided down to rubber and cork because they were green, affordable and their advantages fit well into what we were looking for the RV.





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