Generators LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company (Yuvia Ruiz)

To begin with to start of our project we are all focusing in one part of the project, which in my case I been focusing mostly in generators and its function. What is a generator you might ask? A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.  Magnetism is the basis of their principles of operation. They use permanent magnets, electromagnets, and exploit the magnetic properties of materials in order to create these amazing machines.  The generators used to produce the voltages for example of your home its industry are large units, which are usually connected to a turbine which is powered by steam. They are two types of generators DC generators, which are used in older cars and older machine shops as a source for DC power for their DC. The AC generators, which are the present day power generators used in today’s car’s called alternators. And also emergency home generators, providing two 120V circuits which are combined to give a 240V circuit.

AC/AC Generators

In my research I found a MIIN-AER generator that runs from 1,000 watts to 10kW, with customized units up to 50kW. It uses a simple multi-chambered motor with only six moving parts, and doesn’t require maintenance of gas, natural gas, and diesel or propane generator. The generator can be used with existing pneumatic infrastructure and it will automatically refill existing compressed air storage tanks in the event of a power outage.  It is one-year warranty is four times longer than most because of its few moving parts. It also avoids the cost and maintenance of traditional generators’ fuel degradation. Its air tank requires recertification once every five years. Overall the MIIN-AER generator is ideal for back-up power in critical environments..

Both wind power generators and solar panel systems are eco-friendly. Now solar panels are not that expensive they allow you to save up money and reduce the amount of pollution release into the environment. And for most part solar panels can be used in more locations however wind power generators  are able to produce more electricity as well as protect the environment better. Solar Panel generator Wind power Generator


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