Green Trailer Budgeting (Karrie Newton)

My duty currently is organizing our budget spreadsheet and putting together all of our green materials. This is more challenging than it might sound. The budget is a bit of an issue when it comes to finding the exact price for something we require. For example, we are looking at a certain type of insulation that is eco-friendly AND extremely effecient, but it is something that must be installed by a company (you have to call them and set up an appointment); in thiscase the price is not available for us.

But after this week with Mariah and Matt from the Comet Camper trailer rennovation, we have a whole new perspective on materials that are green and/or eco-friendly. Mariah stressed that it is more “green” to RE-USE materials that you already have than to go out and buy (especially expensive) new “green” materials, if possible. This is especially true if the materials you already have are vintage; for example we have the original cabinets and table and we should definitely keep them (and the jalousie window scheme); the vintage aspect adds value to the trailer. Taking away original parts would be “a crime!” Of course, we still need to use our budget towards eco-friendly materials, which I will go back to.

Look at those vintage jalousies!

We’re going to have to re-frame the trailer and re-do the walls and floor, so we’ll need wood that is FSC-certified. It’s no secret that almost every group is installing marmoleum flooring – and why shouldn’t we, when it has so many benefits? It’s made of all natural materials, it’s eco-friendly, and it is a very clean material (anti-mircobial, hypo-allergenic- which is good for someone like me, who has asthma).

Look! Pretty colors!

Speaking of breathing problems, another important green material is the cloth that will be used for the bedding, curtains, and other textiles that will be found in the trailer. Like paint or the floor, the material needs to be something safe to be breathing in. 100 square feet of living/camping space is very small; so it really makes a difference what materials are inside the trailer pertaining to the air quality. Organic, all-natural cloth materials are ideal, and VOC-free paint is a necessity.

Organic Cotton fabric

I’m looking forward to putting all of our research together and creating the presentation for Project Ventura. It will be so rewarding to see what we have achieved (even before the trailer is rennovated)!


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