Mariah and Matt: Inspired by the true trailer innovators

Upon meeting the eccentric pair, Mariah and Matt, two visitors that had came to Ann Richards to help assisted my classmates and I with Project VENTURA. I can definitely say with their visit my classmates were able to get more direction and really focus on to what the essence and the reason as to why we are completing Project VENTURA.

      What had really stuck with me when visiting and talking with Mariah and Matt was being able to utilize with what you have and seeing as to what you can keep and reuse and as to what you can refurbish.

                An example was with the client Ms. Josephson, had previously purchased materials with the thoughts of renovating the vintage trailer. One of the items in which Ms. Jo had purchased cheaply was spray paint. Upon talking to the guys at Tree House,  the suggested that in keeping the trailer eco-friendly, we should purchase a VOC free paint like so :



Basically what VOC or Volatile Organic Compound free paint means is that in the paint there are no harmful smells or toxins. When you paint with regular paint, the smell you smell after painting the room is the cause of the toxins, that will go back to the enviroment and ruin the air quality.

Mariah had given me a very helpful answer, when I had asked her if we should spend money on the good quality VOC free paint and she replied with ” With products that you already have or the client already owns, try to utilize them as best as you can, for with the spray paint that was already purchased and the energy it took to make the spray paint was already used. So if you spent a lot of money on a small can of VOC free paint, yes it is good for the environment, but you are just wasting your materials that you already posses.” I think this tidbit of advice was very helpful, for now instead of spending money on buying new things we can try and use what material we have and just replace what is really needed.

Another thing we had discussed with Mariah was the electrical system in the RV trailer. We made a table that helped showed the amount of wattage you will use in a day, so that you can then determine the type, size and how many batteries need to be purchase. Also this is good information to know because, the client Ms. Jo, wants to be able to be off grid for two whole days, while being able to be on her computer, use her Ipad and use all the little electronics in the vintage trailer.  This is what the chart looks like with the watts per hour per day solved




Watt Hours/day


Led Lights




Cell phone












Vent fan




Pump for water









Total wattage in 1 day:619 watts




And as for the electrical system, this what it should look like in the trailer all connected. We also for the DAP are also suppose to hand draw, how the electrical system works in VENTURA. Anyways here is what the electrical system looks like:



In the system, you have many batteries that are 12V each for direct current or DC and you also have the invertor in which case it converts DC to AC. Looking at I was able to search and find many 12V batteries, that include many of them cheaply. Yet Mariah, said it would be a good idea if you shopped for batteries local and you called people from Austin and ask questions as to what is good amount of batteries to have, where would you store them etc. Tomorrow during POE, we plan on going out to VENTURA and actually mapping out where the electrical wiring is and be able to draw it out. 

Anyhow this is what Mariah’s and Matt’s trailer named COMET looks like: 



This RV trailer in which she completely decked out in eco-friendly vintage, is actually what inspired my engineering teacher Ms. Jo, want to work on VENTURA. If you would like to know more about COMET, please feel free to click on this blog site:

and if you want to learn more about project VENTURA, stay on this blog or follow on Twitter @projectventura .


Thanks and until next time,

Toni Akunebu

Trailer Babes

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