The Electrical system: Savannah Pena

This time around what I focused on was the electrical system. We were all lost about how to approach this project. Especially the electrical system and all the construction designs.So we had two experts on small houses and trailer houses come in and help us out with the details. They explained to us what was important to watch for hazards and small adjustments to the trailer. Anything we do to the trailer we have right now will be  better than the condition it is in right now.

The Electrical system the trailer is fairly simple. It all starts off with the solar energy that goes to the solar panels to the charge controller  because without that the current and energy would be easily wasted. Then it goes  to the battery beam for maintenance. Then to the inverter for the energy to be transformed from DC to AC power. Then next to the lights, in the trailer there are a set of AC and DC lights. We were warned that the the inverter gave off heat that actually lost energy. We found ways around using the converter and the inverter.

The electrical system in the trailer is in working condition we just want to put in some LED lights. Then maybe some re-wiring but that’s only in extreme measures. I’ve been calculating how many solar panels we need and how many batteries and how they are all going to fit in harmony.  I’m looking forward to working on the diagrams and the technical thinking of the whole project.


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