Water Systems and Water Tanks By Yuvia Ruiz

Water Systems and Water Tanks By Yuvia Ruiz 

Last week we had Mariah and Matt come in and teach us all about trailers; I really learned alot and enjoyed every minute spent with them. I honestly didn’t really know alot, actually non about trailers but while they were here I learned about Electricity and propane and all about deep cycle batteries. But most of all I learned about Water systems. And not only that but how to choose a water tank that most accommodates you.

One of the things I learned about tanks is that in order to find the right one you first need to ask yourself this questions “How much does an average person drink water per day? How much time does it take a person to wash their hands? How much time does it take a person to wash dishes?” All this question will help you figure out how much water you will need and order to decide on the size of your water tank. Now in my case their is four people that the trailer will accomadate so I will have to multiply the amount of water a person takes to wash its hands and then estimate according to how many times in the day they probably wash their hands. Like I said before I need to multiply by four not just for time of how long takes a person to wash their hands but also the amount of times they will be washing dishes and drinking water. Now even though I have the amount of water that I will need I still also need to decide if I have enough space or how much space do I actually have in the trailer, if not it be impossible for me to install it.

Now I was incharge of the Water system Diagram which Matt’s diagram was very helpful. However I havent finished my groups diagram it was very informative and explanitory and it helped me see what had to be shown in a diagram.For example locate where the DC Power System will go and other stuff. And not only that not just because its a diagram it means you just draw and label; I also have to explain where will the water be going to besides sinks and toilet. What kind of water will I be using and what water would be best for drinking and for using on dishes or toilet. Over all thats all what ive been working and I hope I’ll be done by friday and have it ready to show to my group.


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