Bright Light Wires!!! by Samantha Bernal of Trailer Babes

photo from :

Image from Trailer Life’s Repair and Maintenance Manual by Bob Livingston

 My current engineering class has a couple of visitors who had already been in the process of want my team and I must go through to accomplish a unique sufficient green trailer. Matt and Mariah have been a pleasant help to us. Now i have a good understanding of how the electrical system in out trailer must be installed and how the battery works. The first thing to know is what’s being made and how. I had to draw out a diagram of the energy being converted from one form to the next. It first starts with solar energy which solar panels could get really pricey. Then from the solar panels it’s connected to a charge controller where all the solar energy is controlled when the battery is full and when it doesn’t have to be charged anymore. from the charge controller a wire connects to the battery where everything will be using power from. Usually an inverter is connected to the battery which holds DC power. DC is direct current, which means a large amount of currents or energy all at once where the inverter changes that into AC. AC is currents that is distributed over long period of time, used for outlets, conditioner, or refrigerators as to where DC is used for items like lights fan and water. But, after talking to Matt, I’ve concluded not to include the inverter because it’s unnecessary for our trailer: first of all, it takes so much energy that it’s just a pure waste and second of all, all the devices can be charged from the battery.

After talking with our client, time to charge the battery will be no problem what so ever because the trailer won’t be used on a day to day basis. I calculated how many watts on average we’ll be using compared to how much energy the solar panel will be supplying. After the calculations, the solar panel will be charged with 18 hours of full sun to. All that’s left to do is get the 12 volt batteries to complete the system. It will run under the trailer and into an opening through the walls for the electrical system to work. space is limited so we’ll probably have this all stored in a bench where it can easily be accessed.


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