Electrical Systems and Solar Panels By Jennifer Martinez

Last week Matt and Mariah came to our school to teach us a little more about the process and steps we should take in order to create or remodel a small house or in this case, a vintage trailer. They were a lot of help and taught us a lot of new things, that I didn’t know about before. It was great having them over and explaining to us what types of things we should us as we remodel our trailer. One of the things that I had paid more attention to was when they had talked about the electrical systems and solar panels.
Since one of the thing’s I have to focus on has to do with the electrical systems, solar panels and the wiring around the trailer, I had paid extra close attention on the conversion from AC to DC voltage mainly because everything we might use in the trailer need’s to be charged with DC voltage. I also learned about how we can get the energy from the solar panel and how much energy we can get from it. Considering we won’t get a lot of energy saved up and it will take a long time in order to get a lot of energy and it will only be useful for a certain amount of time, we are considering using materials that will use up the least amount of energy, and we are finding out a way we can save up a lot of energy in the battery bank.
I learned that it would be better to get a monocrystalline solar panel instead of a polycrystalline solar panel. It would be a little cheaper and its better. It would also be better is we use a solar stove instead of a microwave oven because it would use up less energy. To save more energy we could also use LED light bulbs. If we are thinking of using a solar panel, we would hook up the solar panel to the charge controller, then the energy would to to the battery bank, then to the inverter where the energy is converted from DC to AC voltage and then you would be able to use your chargers to convert the energy back to DC voltage and the amount of energy would also be controlled in order for the correct amount of energy to be used. This would also help us save energy. By the end of this week, I would be done with the Electrical System Diagram. Finally, I would like to thank Matt and Mariah for all their help.


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