Excel, Reuse and Cork Flooring By: DayanneAcosta

These past few weeks I have been keeping up and updating the excel spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet we have all the materials, furniture and objects that are going to be added to the trailer. The spreadsheet has the quantity and cost of the object, it will help us keep track of our budget and in some way is the foundation of the whole project.

Aside from having to keep up with the spreadsheet I have to research all the objects and furniture that are needed in the trailer such as; paint, flooring, the insulation, lighting, the propane system and everything in between.

When Mariah and Matt from the Comet Camper Project came down to Austin from Massachusetts to help us out, I leaned a lot of things. I leaned that we needed to have a fire extinguisher in the trailer, if it wasn’t for them that wouldn’t have been included in our budget.



After talking with Mariah I became more aware of the costs of things. I also became aware of the fact that even though if something is Eco friendly it is better to use what you already have. Reusing and repurposing is better than having to buy something new even if it is Eco friendly.This made us change our mind and look back on what we were originally going to buy completely new.

Finally after having a meeting with the client, and after asking several questions we found out what she wanted to try to please her as much as we can. The client told us how she wants the outside of the trailer to look like.


Taken by Dayanne- From a RV Remodeling Book

Before the meeting with the client we were already planning on using cork flooring, but we were unsure as if we should use it. We found out that the client likes the idea of having cork flooring. Through the client we found out that there is many types of cork flooring and that it comes in different colors too. Thanks to the client meeting we are now more aware of what the client wants and needs, and we will try our best to fulfill her needs. Image



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