Exterior Trailer Sketchup by Lorena Banda

This past few weeks I have been working on the exterior sketch of the trailer. Mariah and Matt from the Comet Camper project came all the way from Massachusetts to talk to us for an entire week and some of us got the opportunity to have a lesson from Matt on techniques that he personally uses for the Sketch-up program. He told us that at the very beginning before even opening up the program he makes the resolution of the screen the proper one and he makes the icons in the bottom bar of the computer to the smallest size, he told us that this will give us a bugger screen to work on.

resolution of computer

Once the program is opened Matt told us that is it a lot easier to use the large tool bar on the left instead of having it on the top, so I did just that.

large tool bar

He provided us with examples and techniques he uses that make the program easier to use, and it really helped since I have never used the program and I’ve forgotten how to use some of the tools. I started my sketch and at first it was difficult to try and get used to the tools and tricks with the mouse and I’m still working on them, but I’m getting there. I started my SketchUp and I used guidelines in order to measure how big something is or how far it is from another part. This is what it looks like, and you could see the pencil marks I used as guidelines to make the windows. Now I have put in more features so it looks different. The most difficult part has been trying to get the curves of the trailer just right. In order to get them where I want them I took better measurements and also some more specific measurements for other parts of the trailer.



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