Green Scene Design Team Blog 2: Stephanie

      So far From the last updated entry so much has been done as a whole and as an individual where my main focus has been on the Schematic diagrams of the Solar panels, Electrical, Inverter, and battery.  As well as keep up with the Pinterest inspiration and Green Items for the interior of the Trailer. With all of this going on and so much to do as a whole it is all slowly coming together.

        As for the inspiration on Pinterest, which continues to always be updating with actual elements to add to the interior and or exterior of the trailer or to just gain trailer inspiration to keep are group (The Green Team Design Team) always moving ahead. To check it out be Shure to see the link provided:

        For the Schematic drawing I have gained more knowledge of the entire calculations of the electrical systems such as calculating the wattage used will all devices compared to the batteries needed and the help from the solar power, which will be situated separately off of the trailer when not moving due to its availability and less hazardous problems for the panel when traveling. As well as the ins and outs of DC and AC plugs and there basic understanding of its plug input and output. Where items convert AC to DC (plug to device).  With these I have been slowly progressing in the drafting of these drawings. As well as not only gaining knowledge from Mariah and Matt from the Comment Trailer, but from The Rver’s Bible by Kim Backer and Sunny Bajer which includes there schematics on a trailer which are helping a lot.

        In all lots has been done yet there is still so much to do, and I know that I am at a good spot right now and so is my team but more on the drawings, Pinterest, and Green materials and my part is done.

Image   Image( The electrical Plugs for different volt batteries needed, will most likely have a 20 Volt System)

Image(Diagram From Matt and Mariah at the Comet Camper)

ImageImage( Diagrams From The Rver’s Bible to help with the solar and electrical Diagram)

All photos were taken by myself, either from the text The Rver’s Bible or of handwritten Ideas.



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