Google SketchUp advanced set toolbar.

Existing storage structure in trailer (not to scale. modeled on Google SketchUp by Chloe Coronado Winn

Existing storage structure in trailer (not to scale.
modeled on Google SketchUp by Chloe Coronado Winn

fold out desk

This is the type of fold out desk we are considering.

Last week Mariah and Matt from the Comet Camper visited our school.  It was so exciting that they were able to fly all the way out to Texas to help us out, so we finally got to meet the people who helped inspire the whole entire project!  I am in charge of various things in the trailer from the furniture and interior design (as well as modeling it on Google Sketch Up) to the water system that will provide the trailer with clean drinking water.

I got a chance to flip through many of the books on tiny house and trailer design that Mariah brought with her. These, along with the Comet Camper inspired me in the interior trailer design. Originally I wanted to take the idea of a desk with the couch as a chair and apply it to the Ventura. In the Comet Camper there is a fold out desk that you can use while sitting on the couch, I was thinking that I could cut out a cube of the big storage structure in the middle of the trailer to use for desk space. This however would require relocation of the fridge; I thought it could just be shifted over making the closet space smaller, but I realized that the vent for the refrigerator was only behind that one spot in the trailer. My group still plans to change around the shape of the structure and make it useful for things other than storage because the amount of storage currently in the trailer is enough to hold all of the items you will need for 2 days. We decided that we could instead create a desk on the other side of the structure that folded out and a chair for the desk would be attached to one side of the dinette. On the other side where I originally thought the desk could go the top of the structure hangs out farther than the bottom part. Cups, pots, pans, and other objects that can be hung could go underneath the top part of the structure. Below I modeled a non-scale image of the structure that takes up a lot of room in the trailer using my new found Google SketchUp skills.

On Wednesday Matt taught the Google SketchUp group some short cuts to using the program and how to model the interior and exterior and fit them together. The person modeling the interior (me) and the person modeling the exterior (Jordan) must have the same measurements so that the two models will fit together once combined. It is also important that room is left for the walls and framing between the two models. The most useful thing I learned during the lesson was that there is a way to get a bigger tool bar with more tools; it was kind of a moment of relief because I had been wondering how I would possibly be able to model the interior of the trailer with so few tools. I also learned how to dimension the model, which is important so that everything is to scale. I will soon update everyone on how the water tank system is going.


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