Interior Galore- Rose Smiley

Walls! I don’t believe that they should be plain, my whole house is rainbow and thusly I don’t deal well with white rooms.  As for color after doing some research I learned that warm colors such as yellow and orange were in for interior design. I decided and orange on orange theme could be very retro chic and would scream 70s.  (note* during the whole interior decoration period I wanted to make it true to 70s retro not general retro which tends to be more 50s.)  The background color will be lighter dreamsicle orange, and then there will be hollow darker true orange triangles over it.  Geometric shapes were very in as was the whole mod thing.  The whole idea is to create a sort of wallpaper affect without the actual wall paper.  This can be done by yourself with some paint tape and a ruler.  All paint will of course be eco friendly (low VOC), we are thinking about purchasing from Treehouse, (the paint samples I have are from there).  Having it all over may be a little overwhelming so it could be an accent but a larger accent.  Instead have it as a major accent when you walk in have it one that “door” and then also on the cabinet doors and the curved part in the back.  Then as a smaller accent a light blue to outline the cabinets and match the counter tops.  Plus the oven is already orange! Score!  The rest of the walls will be redone with white.

As for the floors, there has been a change.  We are no longer using bamboo, although it itself is very eco friendly the petroleum it takes to get it here is not (if we were only in China).  SO we are using marmoleum which comes in soooo many shades and looks identical to linoleum which was popular in the 70s.  To add to the whole mod thing I’m thinking white.  Even if dirt gets on it marmoleum is extremely easy to clean up. If the white floor is too much white we could go with an orangish more natural hue. Or possibly go a little wild with a light blue maybe in an off white sense floor.

For lights I think it would be super cute to use Christmas lights. Since you only need them for about a month out of the year the rest of the time you can use them in your trailer as adorable twinkly lights.  Get stars inside and out!  Also if you happen to be thrifting and come across a lava lamp for cheap pick that up! Check ebay for used ones if not.  All lights would either be recycled (reused) or LED.

The oven is adorable and completely vintage, but it could be hard to get working again.  Instead use it as storage for the kitchen.  The shelves are already there can be pulled out. BOOM pull out shelves.  To create many holding options hot glue old mason jars or recycled jars you get from you and your friends to hold utensils.

We already have a lot of wood that was pre purchased and is therefore green which can be used to touch up the walls which will be done for us by a friend of the clients.  We may need one or two extra boards but overall that shouldn’t be too costly.  The table doesn’t look like it works correctly so we may need to replace a part for the it from the vintage trailer website.  The table then turns into a bed for two when needed there are two cushions/bedding already there, so those would just need to be reupholstered.  The others for the front and back would need to be purchased.  I have found some relatively cheap fold-able beds/cushions from amazon.

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