Systems and Panels by: Susette Abad Cruz

This past week I’ve mainly been focusing on researching the water pump system and the propane system as well as Solar Panels. Also two experts in trailer renovation Mariah and Matt visited our school and explained/helped us with so many things involving the trailers renovation. Mariah offered us a new way to tackle the project and she told us to look at the big picture and ask ourselves what our overall reason for the renovation was, she helped us articulate our goal which is mainly helping the community and by re-designing this trailer we are doing that. She also told us to use a cyclical system which is reusing materials and putting it back into the system, for example my team and I will be reusing the yellow spray paint that we already have instead of buying green materials because energy was wasted on shipping the materials and driving to go get them and even though they are green materials there was alot more energy wasted on getting them so it’s more “green” to use what we already have.

The water system will have a tank that will be used when off-grid and through the water pump, water will be pumped from the tank to wherever it is needed so the trailer doesn’t have to be hooked up to get water, and waste energy.We are thinking of etting a foot switch to pump water from the tank using our foot because it is the easiest, fastest method.  On the side of the trailer there are two holes called the ‘outlet’ and ‘inlet’ which are pretty straightforward. The outlet is specifically designed to release grey water that is no longer needed (extra water usually from dishes) that can be dumped in the wilderness if biodegradable soap has been used because it is able to compost and regular soap would hurt the environment. The inlet is used to pump in water to the trailer from a hose that is attached to a water source.

photo(Photo from Ms. Jo)

photo-1(Inlet and Outlet-Photo taken by me)

My team and I’s plan for solar panels is to use solar panel stands because the roof of our 1977 trailer will not be able to support the delicate panels and since  it will be on the road, moving the solar panels have a higher chance of getting damaged or broken. The upside of using solar panel stands are the fact that we will are able to use them to stay off grid and put them away so they won’t get damaged. We will be using monocrystalline on our panels which is a sheet of crystals which is more efficient than polycrystalline. We still need to determine the size and quantity of our solar panels.

STAND600(Solar Panel Stand-retrieved from the web)



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