Water Tank and Pump System-Annalise Martinez

Thanks to wonderful Matt and Mariah, I was successfully able to learn the basics of the VENTURA camper water and pump system.

Fresh water would be pumped from the on board water tank that will be placed in the far corner of the camper under the back bench/bed. A big part of the water system is the tank because it carries the main water supply so as a

Tanks to purchase from RV catalog.

Tanks to purchase from RV catalog.

group we had to figure out the following questions, If someone were to take the camper out for a weekend, how much water would they use all together and how many people would be on the camper at the time? How much water does someone drink a day? How long and how much water does washing dishes take up? We also had to go out to the camper and measure the top of the back bench to the floor to get an idea of what size our tank would be. We determined that the strips of plywood that would be holding up the back bench/bed would have to be raised a couple inches for us to have a decent size tank. Our tank will hold 15 gallons of water (enough for a whole weekend), and will be 24 inches long, 12 inches high, and 12 inches deep.

Using the pump at the sink, the water will be withdrawn from the water tank and will come out through the faucet (the main water fixture since we won’t be using a shower or toilet in our design). The water pump system will function off of the charged batteries in the trailer 
and we will use the water pump we already have. I also discovered the difference between the black water tank and grey water tank:

-Black water is where the gross sewage goes (human waste).
-Grey water is the used dirty water (such as dishwater).
To fill up the water tank we would need to use a certified portable water hose using a pressure regulator to protect it. 

Diagram drawn and demonstrated by Matt.

It is my job to create the diagram for the water tank and pump system, and now that I have a better idea of what it looks like and how it functions, it should be easier for me. Matt and Mariah were a big help on contributing knowledge to help us on our VENTURA project especially for our systems because it helped us understand better about campers and how they work and for that we thank you.

Sink in the trailer.

Sink in the trailer.



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