Desire’e Robinson #2

This week Matt and Mariah came to Texas to help us a little bit with our vintage trailer and give us ideas on how to be even more Eco-friendly. My main focus has been on the diagrams of the solar panels, electrical system of the trailer, inverter, and battery.  As well as creating the excel spreadsheet following the renovation costs on our budget of $4500. There is still a lot to be done but the project is slowly coming together as a whole. I just have to wait until my teammate finishes the Google sketch up of the trailer so I can draw the diagram of the electrical system directly onto it. We also still need to decide on what we are going to buy so I can create our excel spreadsheet and determine if we have enough in our budget. We have decided on a lot of things so far and I’ve started multiple different things pertaining to my part in this project but I haven’t completed anything completely.

trailer-plug   trailer-wiring-4-wire_small  1

For the illustrated drawing diagrams I need to know more about the calculations of the electrical system. I need to calculate the wattage used pertaining to all devices that will be used in the trailer and compare it to how much energy the batteries will need. Including help from the solar power panel which will be attached to the trailer on the top when it is not in motion. We will also include multiple the DC and AC plugs and inverters. I have to research the basic’s of plug inputs and outputs. I need to determine how the wiring will be attached in the trailer and how to save energy and electricity during the duration of trips. I want to be able to do a s much as possible with electricity and propane, as much as I can while be comfortable inside of the trailer.


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