Google Sketch-Up RV Interior By Maria Flores

These past couple of weeks I’ve been working on the interior of the RV in Google Sketch-up. I didn’t really know where to start sense it was my first time using it and I was used to AutoCAD but with the help of Matt and Mariah from the Comet Camper I got started with no problem. Matt first showed us how to make more space for us to work in. He recommended us to fix the screen resolution and to make the icons smaller he also said that in Google sketch-up it would be better to have the bigger set of toolbars than the smaller one than they provide.

At the beginning I was having trouble fixing the measurement of the trailer sense in Google Sketch-up you can’t just put two point in the both ends of the line and fix the length from there,  here you create the rectangle and  just type the length and height that you want your rectangle to be.  After I had the rectangle that would represent the interior of the trailer I had to cut out two of the walls in order to start putting in the stove, couch, table etc. The most difficult part of doing this is making sure that the measurements are the same as the RV but putting this together was not as hard as I imagined it but it still took time getting it right.

 My new goal this week is to start on the Excel spread sheet with the prices of the different things that are going to be added in the trailer like the insulation, the lighting, and the form of energy that we are going to be using. Our money limit is 45,000 for the whole reconstruction of the trailer which 1,500 is going to be used for the framing of the RV.


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