Michelle and Matt, my heros by Sabrina Lomeli

While Michelle and Matt were here they were a huge help with every thing that I had questions on. Like Matt was a huge help with the google-sketch up. He made every thing so much easyer to do by showing me thatit is best to make every thing around one point on the trailer. Though they also taught me manynother things like:
– use biodegradable cleaning material
– need to go crazy with the cocking
– especially put cocking around areas where water is stored or could potentially get into
– need to stagger the cork floor boreds
– should move the water tank to under the couch to avoid watter damage arohnd the door


Water System Diagram

– leave 1/4gap between the wall and the flooring to avoid bubbling from watter damage or a shift in floor bored
– can only use blow in insulation because denim is too thick to fit into the walls

So needless to say I’m very greztfull that Mariah and Matt came because I swear I would be compleatly lost with out them. ❤


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