Kickstarter our Little Vintage Trailer into a Grandiose Green Camper!

A few weeks ago I gave each VENTURA design team an iPad and told them to go record why this project is important to them. The clips really illustrate how passionate this amazing group of 10th grade girls are about engineering and their education. We are down to 2.5 weeks until each team will present their trailer restoration design to a professional panel of engineers (whom I’ve told to practice their sternest, most serious judge face in the mirror nightly in preparation for the big day).

After several late nights of clipping and pasting, and inserting text, and finding just the right music for the background, I finally created something suitable (barely…mind you I was using imovie ’08, which is practically a dinosaur) to start a Kickstarter funds drive.

We launched our Kickstarter campaign last Thursday! I must admit I find it so fun to check on our progress, and get messages of support from all our backers. We have a total of 40 days to raise $5000, which will be used to restore our sweet little Play-mor vintage love trailer.

I sometimes imagine what our trailer would say if it could talk…”Never in a million years would I have thought I’d end up a high-school project!” Or “Those silly girls, they have no idea what 1977 really looked like.”

But I digress.

I urge you, kind reader, to watch our 5 minute Kickstarter video. I am certain after hearing about the project and its importance, straight from the students participating in it, you will click on the “BACK THIS PROJECT” button faster than a 1977 canned ham cruising down the highway in its heyday.


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