Jordan from GGG presents: The Fabulous Warehouse and a Shout Out to the Comet


Ta da! The Green Glamping Girls have finally finished the exterior model of the trailer! And it’s all thanks to our special guests from last week, Mariah and Matt from the Comet camper. For those who don’t know, the Comet Camper is another eco trailer project led by Mariah with the help of her friend Matt. Their project was the inspiration for our project, so it seems fitting that they were also able to inspire us personally! Matt is a bit of a Google Sketchup expert, and the little seminar he gave us helped me so much. I learned a lot of little tips that smoothed out some problems I was having. Here are the top three that I would like to share:

1. Learn the keyboard/mouse shortcuts. This especially helps with tools that you use all the time like the line tool or orbiting your view. Shortcuts include Select (space bar), Line (L), Circle (C), Arc (A), Push/Pull (P), and Scale (S). If you go to the Sketchup website you can download/print a reference guide.

2. When you need to precisely make something to scale, Always get more measurements! Even if you think you have everything you’ll need, you are probably wrong. Even if you end up with excess, it’s way better than having to guess. The wonderful thing about Sketchup is its flexibility. I was very much able to eyeball how far out to push/pull things without distortion of the final product, but because we are also doing an interior model for this project I had to keep lengths as they are in the real world.

3. The Warehouse is your best friend. Whether you need a base to start working with, a quick(er) fix for a part you forgot, or just some fancy detail that you want to add but don’t want to make, the Sketchup Warehouse is a tool that anyone using this program should utilize. It’s as simple to use as the google search engine, and has just as much variety in it’s results. I used it on my trailer for the jalousie windows (including the ones on the doors) and the tires. They don’t look exactly like the real thing on the trailer, but like I said earlier, it just has to look good. If you get items from the warehouse, it’s important that you are good at using the scale, rotate, and move tools. All three of them are touchy and can lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration, but trust me, if you keep working with them it will get easier.

Seeing the exterior model finished has renewed my excitement for this project, and I can’t wait for the presentations (but it won’t be long now). Also, thanks again to Mariah and Matt for their enormous help.


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