Keeping our trailer comfortable- Jessica Hess

Well, I defiantly learned a lot from Mat and Mariah, it was so helpful to have them work with us. First off, I learned a lot about the water pump system and how it works in our trailer. The pump we have was donated to us and is more efficient than we really need, which is great! I’ve got a rough sketch of how the water tank needs to be set up and I’ll spend this week getting a final design finished on isometric paper.water pump The next thing we went over was budget which was a huge help as well. While trying to determine how many solar panels and batteries we would need, we realized just how much energy it’s going to take to keep the trailer cool. Living in a metal box in the middle of the Texas summer could be completely miserable if we don’t find a way to keep Ventura cool. There’s no way we’ll be able to power an air conditioning, however, we can power fans. We are looking at altering the windows and sir vents to assist more in bring cool air into the trailer. One of the things we have considered using is a swamp cooler in replace of an air conditioning. The issue we run into there is the humidity that it creates and wanting to avoid mold.

swamp cooler We are also looked at ways to keep the hot out air out of the trailer. One of the things we have considered is an additive to the exterior paint called Insuladd.

The idea here is to make the paint insulated so that it helps to prevent the transfer of heat energy through the walls, also using white paint will reflect some of the heat.Insuladd It’s also been a great relief to have our budget increased. Hopefully the donations and funding we can gather will make this project into something that can benefit our whole community.

I feel like we’ve finally lifted this project off the ground, it no longer seems like a task too great to accomplish. We all seem to have a deeper understanding of what it is that we’re trying to accomplish and how we should go about doing that. It was great to spend some time in the trailer and really understand the way it works inside and out. We looked at the design of the walls, floors, electrical systems and overall layout of the interior design. It was helpful to decide what things we needed to keep and what things we simply need to scratch out and re-design. I’m really looking forward to out client interview coming up shortly, I hope it will provide the needed information about what will make this project most successful.


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