Monthly Archives: March 2013

DAP is finally over! Dayanne Acosta

After months of hard work, the DAP project is finally over! As much as I loved it I couldn’t wait to get it over with! Towards the end of the project the DAP group presentation was one of the things that we feared the most. We dreaded the day that we had to present. We […]

DAP Presentation by Jennifer Martinez

My group was the LMJY Eco-Friendly Design Company and we had presented in front of 11 judges, one of them being our engineering teacher Mrs. Jo, and the other’s being professional engineers. There were four male engineers and six female engineers. In my opinion, I think that our presentation went good. The judges didn’t have […]

The End of Trendy Trailers for Now: Rose Smiley

After finishing DAP my whole group had the biggest smiles we’ve had on our faces fro awhile.  We presented on Wednesday, which I was glad a out because we weren’t the first and we still go to get it over with half way through the week.  We’d all planned the poster out together , but […]

Project VENTURA= Success!!! Green Glamping Girls: Sofia Hruby

As fun as DAP was, I am happy that it’s over.  It feels good that I made it through this project and acquired a DAP credit at the same time.  Overall, the Green Glamping Girl’s did really well in their presentation.  We were all a nervous because so much was resting on this presentation.  Not […]

It’s Finally Over!!

Recently our DAP groups presented our final proposal for the eco-friendly travel-trailer, VENTURA. My group received one of the top four group presentation grades which definitely reciprocates the way I felt after presenting. Overall my group was really strong, because we all knew exactly what we were talking about, and were all well prepared for […]

Kaiyla Washington -Finally Done!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of me an my group members Triple A-K! I still can’t believe that we are in the top 4. I mean we must have did something right if we got this far.  During the presentation I couldn’t have asked for a better presentation the judges were pretty […]

What do I do with my life now?

Wow! Presentations are over! It calls for a need to celebrate (and morn a bit) that we have finished with one of the biggest school milestones we’ll have to reach! Though it’s not completely over yet. Once DAP presentation was over I’m sure many others, like me, just let out a huge breath they’d been […]