Getting Ready by Yuvia Ruiz

SAMSUNG                              lmjy

Well it’s almost time to present the day is getting closer and I am more nervous than ever. I’ve been working on practicing and helping my group members in last problems we need to fix. We have also been working on our poster and trying to put everything together. But mainly I’ve been working on helping others with fixing the budget because we needed to add more of our materials and to revise it to make sure everything was included that we had last edited. Now I’ve also worked mostly on fixing the physical model of the RV. Now as we worked in the poster I helped by staying after school printing the secondary headline titles of each of our parts and gluing our papers in the poster. At first we had al decided in a setting but after printing everything out we had to edited since it was a bit to big then we had planned.
After all this last week’s stress I’ve been practicing my part by timing and practicing with my goup by staying after school and asking my group members to revise my script to make sure I was including everything thing we needed. And after all the practice I feel prepare indeed however like everyone a bit nervous and hopeful that we won’t get to nervous and stumble a lot. However I feel like I know everything I need to know from my part which is the water system and propane system. But like I said I am kind of nervous for the questions I am not sure I could answer questions from a panel of judges who are experts it’s actually a bit intimidating if you think about it. However I hope that when I present they won’t forget that we have not used all our money we had left overs and we still managed to have 75% of our materials eco-friendly. Overall I feel confident to present and ready for what comes to me.


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