Desiree Robinson #3

We made a decision to meet after school to finalize everything and post it on our poster board with borders. What we thought would take 30 minutes ending up taking hours. It was a harder thought process than we thought it would be we had to make sure everyone was okay with the color scheme and make sure everything was cut perfectly straight. The day of presentation we rehearsed so many times and each time we made suggestions, revisions and corrections to each other’s papers. Overall I contributed a lot to this DAP Project; I originally was in charge of the excel spreadsheet, and electricity system. Then we decided to get propane so I had to draw that system out and find the cheapest propane. It’s hard to be safe, eco-friendly and cheap nowadays. 

ImageThe propane tank is 20 lbs and it runs the stove and the refrigerator when we are off grid not using electricity. I got this picture from <a href=” had to do a lot of research to find propane tanks and make sure I was getting the best one.

Image Preparing for our DAP presentation was very tedious and we were very busy staying afterschool and for lunch and advisory. We wrote scripts and cut and glued for hours, it felt like an exercise workout. I was in charge of making borders for everything I wanted on the presentation board. So like my propane and electricity systems and my spreadsheet list.

I did research so I could make sure everything was placed correctly and I wouldn’t describe anything wrong even though I often get confused between the AC and DC wiring systems in the trailer. I also typed up the design brief on the computer and all of our sub titles. I cut those out and glued them down. I glued borders onto descriptions of things and helped decide where everything would go. I also cut out the title and other things. For my individual oral presentation I wrote an essay then put it onto flash cards. I practiced reading them a lot and I practiced not reading from them, I tried as hard as I could to make eye contact with the judges and sound like I was presenting to them and not reading to them. 

ImageGoing into the presentation I was very nervous because I felt like we weren’t prepared for our presentation and in the beginning everything was awkward because the judges were grading the last team’s papers still and they looked so serious about it. I felt really confident about answering their questions because I felt the questions were easy and I was like I know the answer that was actually fun to me.  Right now I’m most worried that I won’t get my letterman and my teammates won’t get theirs, because of something I did or said.  The judges told us when giving oral presentations you should tell a story so that we can have a connection with our listener. I know to make lots of eye contact and, make sure my voice can be heard across the room.


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  1. Ms.Jo This is my blog entry #3. – Desiree Robinson

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