Almost at the Finish Line

We are so close to being done with DAP that I can hardly control myself. Of course this project was fun and interesting but it was also hard and time consuming. Overall I liked the project and think that it taught us a lot but that doesn’t mean I’m sad that its over. Tomorrow is our presentation day in front of the judges and I’m really nervous even though I know I shouldn’t be. I’ve been writing my oral presentation for over a week now but still keep making changes to it, I’ve probably gone through about four drafts. I feel pretty confident about my whole speech because I know what I’m talking about and I feel like I know my stuff well. The hardest part of writing my speech was deciding what I was going to write. I didn’t want my speech to be so long that I lose the judges interest, or so short that I don’t incorporate everything into my speech so I had to try and aim in between. The first thing I did was make a list of everything I did for the electrical system, then I wrote everything I knew about each part and then from there it was smooth sailing. All I had to do was keep it simple but still tell them everything they needed to know.  After I finally decided what my speech was going to say I had to make note cards just in case while I was talking I forgot what to say next and finally when I was done I practiced, practiced, practiced.

Note cards to help me out during my presentation

Note cards to help me out during my presentation

Rough draft of my oral presentation

Rough draft of my oral presentation










Besides writing my oral presentation the way I prepared myself to present was by practicing in front of a mirror, timing myself and trying to commit my speech to memory. I also came before and after school in order to work on our tri-fold and power-point and to practice our speech all together. What my whole group did to prepare for the presentation was run through the presentation as if it were the real thing and then we each critiqued each other by telling each other was we should change, add or keep doing.  The way I contributed to the tri-fold was by cutting, gluing and organizing the layout of everything. I also put on all my diagrams, the pinterest and project ventura’s blog.


Triple A-K's presentation board.

Triple A-K’s presentation board.


Going into this presentation I feel nervous, not because we’re not prepared but because of the questions I think they’ll ask me or the feedback they’ll give me. I have a fear that the judges will tell us we did something completely wrong or they don’t like a certain part of our design. The thing I feel most confident about is my individual oral presentation because I know my information and because I think I can explain what I did without confusing or boring anyone. The most important things that I should remember during my oral presentation is to have enthusiasm, make eye contact and to make my speech sound natural.

-Amanda Campos


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