Almost Done – Rachel Zinsmeyer

On Sunday, everyone met at my house to get everything finalized on on our poster board.  There was a lot more work than we had originally thought!  Jessica and I spent over 16 hours straight getting everything done.  But I’m happy with the way it turned out.  We’d had some trouble on our Material’s List- somehow, many of our items were deleted.  Fortunately, what we were missing was still listed on our budget, but it was really frustrating to have to go back and redo all of our hard work.  But once we sorted out that mess, everything started to pick up pace.  Anjali did a great job with the PowerPoint, and Savannah was really helpful with making sure everything was listed, and was cheap as possible.  Everyone really pulled their weight on this last stretch before our presentation.

Image  Our finished presentation board.

Going into the presentation, I was most worried about our speech.  We only had time to practice twice, so I was more nervous than I needed to be.  I wasn’t worried about the board, because I knew that it looked great and wouldn’t have anything wrong with it.  I wasn’t sure I had enough for my speech, and then I started worrying I was saying too much.  If we’d had an extra hour or so to practice, I probably would have been able to be more confident and to adjust my speech to be the perfect ratio of easy to understand, yet still in depth and informative.  I was also a bit uncertain as to how the iPads would work, and was concerned about technical difficulties.  I knew that any problems wouldn’t reflect well on us, by making us seem unprepared, and besides, when technology fails before an important presentation, it’s easy to start blaming yourself.

I reviewed my note cards as much as I could before the presentation.  I thought back on all of the advice I’d ever gotten during Speech class and took it to heart, reminding myself of these as I went through my speech.  “Don’t rush when you’re talking about this,” I would tell myself.  “Remember not to say ‘um’ while you’re listing this,” and so on.  Doing this had helped me on previous speeches, and I hope it helped during this one.

Image  This is a close up of our title.


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