And it All Came Together.

The two weeks leading up to the presentation were very intense.  We focused on the small details, finalizing the budget, and then creating all the visuals.  We all had to chip into make budget perfect.  We were a little over and had to make adjustments with a lot of the interior stuff to find cheaper alternatives.  We ended up being just under though at $5452.72.  We had to have 75% green materials and we were over that as well which was good at %93.2 green materials.  It may have been stressful, but in the end our project came together and our months of researching and work really showed.

For the actual presentation we wanted to make it as easy to understand as possible.  We of course needed the tri-fold that was necessary, but that wasn’t big enough to hold all the things we needed.  The arrangement of the tri-fold was my brainchild and I picked out the fun patterned paper and planned on coming after school to assemble it, but I got sick and was unable to. So i decided to leave most of the interior things off of the board and have a mini interior board with the color scheme, fabric, and foam on it.  What made our presentation really good and able to flow well was the powerpoint presentation that went along with our oral presentation.  All the information and products were already decided it just put them in one easy accessible place.  Then the diagrams on the iPads helped the judges to see what we were explaining first hand.

As for the oral presentation it came together quite easily.  I knew the stuff I was talking about by heart and so did the rest of the girls in my group. I was confident that we would all know what to say about the parts we worked very hard on because we had been researching and working on it for so long.  I was nervous/worried for the questions the panel of judges were going to ask us, since they are professionals.  In the end though their were only a couple of questions that we didn’t really have an answer for or had to just make up something on the fly.  In all honesty I didn’t need the notecards because I had why I chose the paint and the vintage feel of the trailer memorized from working on them for so long.  Although while presenting I got jumbled up a few times that was because I was nervous, not because I didn’t know what I was talking about.  I had to remember just to not go very fast and pace myself well during my presentation those two things make me seem more together and professional while giving a speech.

Overall it was extremely cool to see the whole project together.  As a whole this project is huge and when you see it together it looks like a legitimate professional plan, not a teenage project.ImageImageImageImage


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