DAP Reflection and Evaluation -Dayanne Acosta

Preparing for the DAP final presentation was not easy, it took a lot of hard work. Two weeks before the presentation we did struggle a lot due to the fact that we didn’t see one of our team members for two weeks and we did not really get to help her out.However we tried our best to keep in touch with her and make sure that her part was going to be perfect for when she came back. As for the other two girls and I we perfected our parts as well and we worked on our oral presentation. I was incharge of the spreadsheet and before the presentation I had to do a lot of chagnes to it and I had to include a lot of other materials in there as well. It was hard work, but we managed to get it done. Before the final presentation we made sure that everybody had their part completed and perfected. Cristina was in-charge of the pinterest and the green material list, Sabrina was in-charge of the Google sketch up for the exterior and interior of the trailer, Susette was in charge of the electrical, propane and water system, as for me I was in charge of the except spreadsheet (the budget, researching and materials) and the solar panels.


Photo taken by Dayanne

Photo taken by Dayanne

After we made sure that everything was perfect we drew a rough draft of how everything was going to be laid out on our presentation board. We then printed everything out and started to arrange everything. We were very careful with how we glued everything down because we wanted to make sure that the presentation looked professional and neat. I helped arrange everything together and I also helped glue down the papers.

Once the presentation board was ready we were ready to move on to write our oral presentations. We in class worked on our oral presentation and shared it with our team members who then gave us feedback as to what was good about the speech and what we need to add stuff to or explain better. We stayed after school for five days straight to practice the oral presentation so that our presentation would sound smoothly and to make sure that we knew what we were going to talk about. I also wrote notecards so that I presented I could have something to look at if I forgot what I was talking about.

photo taken by Dayanne

photo taken by Dayanne

Before presenting we were all very nervous. We knew our stuff we were just afraid that the judges were going to grade us too hard but at the end we were just glad to get it over with. At the beginning of the presentation it was very scary but towards the end I started to feel more confident and when talked about the Solar Panel calculations I did not need to look at my notecards to know what I was talking about because I already had it all down. I feel that in the presentation we all did really well. We answered every question and we received very good feedback and comments. However I am a little bit worried because I feel that I stumbled on words when I started talking about the excel spreadsheet.

One thing that we should keep in mind about oral presentations is that we need to calm down, not to freak out because then the judges will notice that. Just pretend like there’s nothing wrong, make eye contact with the judges and involve the judges in the presentation.


The greeen box is around the excel spreadsheet.- Photo taken by Dayanne

The greeen box is around the excel spreadsheet.
– Photo taken by Dayanne



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