Do You Really Know How To Talk? -Amelia Fisher

These last couple weeks in engineering class we have been finalizing our products and designs as well as perfecting our presentations and presenting skills. We started out this process by looking at a thick presentation skills packet that set me up with all the skills I needed to present my design for this project.

            The first thing I learned about while reading the packet, and by looking at the grading rubric, was that poise, eye contact, and volume, were three very important aspects when presenting any project.

            Eye contact is important, because it makes your audience feel like you’re having a personal conversation with them and even if they don’t realize it directly they’ll pay much more attention to you and what you’re saying. Eye contact will engage your listener and will ensure nobody will become bored when listening to you. When talking to a group of people you need to make sure to not necessarily talk to only one person, and if at all possible make strong eye contact with everybody in the group.

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            Poise is another key ingredient to creating an effective presentation. It shows the audience that you’re completely engaged into the presentation and it also shows that you actually care about what you’re talking about which will therefore make your audience care about what you’re talking about.

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The last key ingredient to a speech is the volume level at which you speak at. This is very important to your audience because you want to make sure that they can hear you, and since it’s a one way conversation there is not much opportunity for the audience to communicate to you that they can’t hear you, so if you speak quietly it is more likely than not that you will leave the presentation without your audience even knowing what you said.

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