Final Preparation – Annalise Martinez

Wow, it is SUCH a relief to be finished with our DAP presentations! After all the work and preparing, it was SO worth it. In order to be where I am now, I had to go through several stages of preparation. I prepared for the final presentation by staying after school, coming before school and during class to work with my group on what we needed to do and how we were going to certain things. I contributed to the tri-fold project by cutting almost 85% of what was on the whole board as well as gluing. I cut the whole title part out which took me awhile because it basically had to be perfect. I also contributed by putting my diagram and picture with captions on the board.

One of my note cards used in the oral presentation.

One of my note cards used in the oral presentation.

Triple A-K's presentation board.

Triple A-K’s presentation board.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I prepared for my final oral presentation, by writing exactly what I was going to say about the water tank and pump system on note cards  and highlighted/underlined/capitalized the important aspects to emphasize when I was to deliver it to the judges. Once I had all my note cards ready and marked up, I simply practiced reciting it over and over again, as well as timing and recording my self. I did this process many times till I was sure I was comfortable with my overall presentation. I specifically worked on the water tank and pump system in the project. But in my delivery, I specifically worked on the flow of the presentation, transitions, and wrapping up the whole presentation all together.

Rough Draft of my oral presentation.

Rough Draft of my oral presentation.

                                            I felt pretty confident going into the presentation as a group, until my part was coming up because my mouth and throat was really dry and had me talking kinda fast. Some of things I feel really confident about is the way I delivered my part (putting statistics in before explaining), and the conclusion of the whole project. I am most worried about how our group did all together, and the things that the judged pointed out that we missed. Some things that I should remember about oral presentations is to always make sure that you are comfortable with what you’re saying because if it doesn’t really sound like you, then it may come out sounding off. Another important thing for me to remember is to always try and engage with the audience (in this case, judges) because they could tune out and get bored so you kinda have to keep them awake.

Overall I am very proud of myself and my group for staying strong all the way till presentation day and cooperating with each other.


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