Green Scene Desighn Team (3)- Stephanie

Green Scene Design Team (3)- Stephanie
It’s finally time! Presentation day is coming up soon and preparing for my presentation is key, as a group and as an individual. Specifically I have worked on the electrical diagrams, electrical calculations for the amount of available power to expend on the two 12 volt batteries, and the pinterest inspiration board along with a collage.
Our display of the presentation includes a tri-fold presentation board. On this I have all of my diagrams and calculations in the bottom center and the pinterest collage in the top center. Where I contributed through my specific work, gluing, and set up/ design of where items are placed on the board. In order to prepare for my individual oral presentation I first wrote out my scrip to correlate with the PowerPoint presentation. From there I refined and practiced it, and then I put it onto note cards and practiced, practiced, practiced for the big presentation day.
Things that I feel really confident about are my diagrams, calculations, and all of what I have been perfecting for about 3 months. Not to mention my group members presentation and mine. But of course I was super nervous before hand, but I knew it was all coming together really nice. As for things that I am most worried about is getting super nervous before the presentation and completely messing up, but as for my content and group members I am excited to go and present. The top things that I need to remember for my presentation is don’t say “um” in between moments of talking, stay calm and compelled, and as long as I do that I will be fine.
Here are some pictures of my final note cards, drafts, and presentation board.


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