Prep- Rosa Villescaz

To prepare for the Ventura presentation, I did a number of things. In order to complete the project in an orderly fashion, I had to step up and become the group leader. When it comes to the tri-fold I would say I did quite a bit. I cut all my parts as well as carina’s. I put borders on my section, as well as Carina’s. I also glued everything on the actual board. I also made a script for our oral presentation. By making the script, there was no room for any errors or contradictions. The night before my presentation I practiced my part about 10 times and recorded and timed it, because it should have been about 10 minutes long. I’m very confident in our tri-fold and oral presentation, and I worry about how we didn’t have anything to pass around to our judges, except for our 3-D model. I will remember for all oral presentations to just relax, and try not to sound shaky.


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