Preparation Process-Carina Carrasco

There were so many little details that needed to be included so I worked on that to be as prepared as possible. Being in charge of pinterest I needed to make sure that our pinterest was something to look forward to, it was nice going back and looking at the inspiration and ideas we had. The last step was to get everything together on the presentation board, and for this we needed a group meeting to get everything set up. I had to include small details on the interior design, and finalizing pinterest. I arranged how my section was going to be set and paste my part on the tri-fold, as well as included procedure and constraints that were helpful because the judges will know what we had to work with, and steps we had to take to get our project completed. It was very important that I prepared for my part of the oral presentation beforehand, what I did was write a draft that was just the foundation then I got together with the group to revise and edit as well as include details to the “script” it was important to meet with the group to include smooth transitions between one person to the next. After that it was time to practice, practice, and practice, I practiced by standing in front of the mirror as much as I could but I couldn’t get rid of the nervousness. After I practiced in front of the mirror I got together and practiced with the group to see if everything transitioned smoothly. When going into the presentation I was nervous but in the end it was all about confiding in the group and working well together, which was something that I would have changed for future reference(to help me in the future). The major thing I was worried about was what was going to be the judge’s reactions, and wondering if I practiced enough. I need to remember that it should be more of a conversation/informative presentation to get the judges involved and interested in our presentation. I was also worried about missing any components because each individual is in charge of their individual task but in the end we got together and shared what we have completed to help, and give advice on how to make it better. The end product was finished and looked professional but there could have been more components to it to make it stand out more.

Presentation board:0   

My part:025226b7c670172ddf58b0f8c6dd9fc300b40721899b91b998ff425332403a3f


Script: 8383daf906585dd574de48b5ae12d323


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